Peer-Reviewed Articles — Primary Research Area

Luffarelli J., Mukesh M. and Mahmood A. (forthcoming). “Let the Logo Do the Talking: The Influence of Logo Descriptiveness on Brand Equity,” Journal of Marketing Research — [FT 50 Journal List; CNRS/FNEGE: 1; HCERES: A].

Luffarelli J., Stamatogiannakis A. and Yang H. (2019). “The Visual Asymmetry Effect: An Interplay of Logo Design and Brand Personality on Brand Equity,” Journal of Marketing Research, 56 (1), 89-103 — [FT 50 Journal List; CNRS/FNEGE: 1; HCERES: A].

    • Paper shortlisted among the top twenty papers based on doctoral work at EMAC 2016
    • In the media: Johns Hopkins Magazine (Spring, 2019)

Mahmood A., Luffarelli J. and Mukesh M. (2019). “What's in a Logo? The Impact of Complex Visual Cues in Equity Crowdfunding,” Journal of Business Venturing, 34 (1), 41-62 — [FT 50 Journal List; CNRS: 1 / FNEGE: 1*; HCERES: A].

    • Video abstract (for a general audience; in French, with English subtitles)
    • In the media: Forbes (Dec. 27, 2018)

Peer-Reviewed Articles — Other Research Areas

Luffarelli J., Markou P., Stamatogiannakis A. and Gonçalves D. (forthcoming). “The Effect of Corporate Social Performance on the Financial Performance of Business‐to‐Business and Business‐to‐Consumer Firms,” Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management — [FNEGE: 3; HCERES: B].

Luffarelli J. and Awaysheh A. (2018). “The Impact of Indirect Corporate Social Performance Signals on Firm Value: Evidence from an Event Study,” Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 25 (3), 295-310 — [FNEGE: 3; HCERES: B].

Luffarelli J., Gonçalves D. and Stamatogiannakis A. (2016). “When Feedback Interventions Backfire: Why More Positive Feedback May Result in Lower Perceived Self-Competence and Satisfaction with Performance?,” Human Resource Management, 55 (4), 591-614 — [FT 50 Journal List; CNRS: 2; FNEGE: 1; HCERES: A].

Book Chapters

Stamatogiannakis A., Luffarelli J. and Yang H. (2015). “How to Use Visual Design to Boost Brand Equity?,” in The Psychology of Design: Creating Consumer Appeal, ed. Rajeev Batra, Colleen Seifert, and Diann Brei: Routledge.

Popular Press Articles

Luffarelli J. (2019). "Pourquoi Netflix et Red Bull Auraient Intérêt à Changer de Logo," The Conversation, May 14.

Luffarelli J. (2019). "Pour Réussir votre Crowdfunding, Choisissez un Logo Complexe," The Conversation, March 31.